Research Summary

We are interested in understanding the systemic regulation of aging and longevity in mammals and translating that knowledge into effective anti-aging interventions that could make our lives as healthy and productive as possible (“productive aging”).  We have so far identified three tissues critical to our understanding of this regulation: the hypothalamus as the control center, skeletal muscle as an effector, and adipose tissue as a modulator. By applying all available analytical tools, we continue to integrate our findings into a comprehensive concept of mammalian aging and longevity control, we call the “NAD World”. Please visit our research page to learn more about our current projects!

A scheme of the NAD World 2.0, the inter-tissue regulatory network for mammalian aging and longevity control

Positions Available

We are actively recruiting graduate students and postdoctoral fellows!

Please feel free to contact Dr. Shin-ichiro Imai at imaishin{at}, if you are interested or have any questions.

New Lab Space!

We are now back to our permanent lab location on the 3rd floor of McDonnell Sciences (Rooms 362 and 366). Please drop by and see our brand new lab space!